Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Anatomy of Humanus Imperium

6 Panels
Charcoal on Paper
April 10 2011

Humans, functioning as a part of the natural world, are incredibly difficult if not impossible to control. They need freedom, independence, and personal identity. When these things, essential to humanity, are challenged the effects can be disastrous. Intentional or not, humans also have the need to control one another.

In this series I have torn back the outer shell that hides our inner structures. To look inside oneself requires deep searching, exploration, and journeying into issues and elements of personality that one may not wish to discover. As I peeled back my own skin and journeyed through my body, I found mechanics, systems, and machines all programmed to precise movements and reactions. Meaning in my body and soul transformed into a series of emotionless, helpless, and useless machines, all programmed to excrete the same superficial product every single time.

Systematic human function, social structures, sub-cultures and sense of morality have all been used to control me to the point where I became unaware and completely consumed by these sources so much that, as you can see, they became are part of my insides.