Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Latest Problem

Charcoal on Paper
24 x 48 inch (7 Panels)
April 8, 2010

Advanced Drawing (A312), first art show.
Aritst's Statement:

In the development of this series, I have found myself riding ripples made from last terms project. In the Wingspan Project (see below), I was exploring dehumanization through means of systematic human functions, social structures (including education, corporation, religion, etc.) and their sub-structures. I am trying to understand what it means to be fundamentally human and what it means to have that humanness challenged, broken, or destroyed by certain things.

Here, I am exploring the challenges of being broken by truth. Truth in the end will set you free; however this freedom does not come with out challenge. The concept of receiving truth is often romanticized and the battles, that tend to involve a degree of violence, are forgotten. This sequence had been created to explore the journey out of spiteful ignorance and the appearance of having it all together to a state of such painful and sore vulnerability. The struggles of giving up control, focing and accepting truth, and being touched by truth are seen in all of its painful nature that goes with the age old saying; truth hurts.

The figure firstly presents a strong frong, all neatly tied up and packed perfectly. However, as truth begins to break her down, she starts to loose hope. She reaches the breaking point where we are unsure if she is willing to let it all fall out and begin again, or if she is trying to hold it together. By the end of the sequence, she has become unravelled and we are pulled into her head, into her life, and her anonymous set of experiences to see how truth touches the insides of her soul and body. We see a reflection of what, or who is touching her and consequently that image is reflected back into the world as part of her own expression.

While executing this series, I have held a particular piece of music close to the heart of this project. The song is called "Icicles/Bicycles" and is written and performed by Bell Orchestre.

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